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Seria VSA
Superb quality, control and reliability
VSA 2050 allows to address the audio signal exactly to the listening
area, avoiding to send the acoustic energy to ceilings and empty
floors, thus not introducing bad reflections that would affect
speech intelligibility, mainly in critical environments with high
reverberation time.

The target we aimed at when designing the VSA 2050
was to offer voice directivity and control over all the
voice range, to give high intelligibility performance
with wide frequency response and high dynamics
and coherence at distance. We’ve been able
to reach this goal thanks to the length of the
column, the number and size of the speakers,
the choice to use a dedicated amplifier for
each loudspeaker and other innovative details.
VSA 850
400W, 8x 3.5", 93 dB
Digitally Steerable Sound
Column Speaker
VSA 1250
600W, 12x 3.5", 94 dB
Digitally Steerable Sound
Column Speaker
VSA 2050
1000W, 20x 3.5", 94 dB
Digitally Steerable Sound
Column Speaker
pentru VSA 850,
VSA 1250, VSA 2050
Tilting and beaming are not to be affected by the steering and the horizontal coverage is very wide and not impaired by discontinuities. Thanks to the column power, the accurate speaker design and the high efficiency of the digital technology the VSA 2050 is able to obtain a very long coverage, up to 30 meters preserving a smooth uniform horizontal coverage as well.
Electroacustic technology
State of the art transducers have been developed for the VSA, in order to offer the highest possible intelligibility and wider frequency response, according to RCF philosophy.
A 1,4 Tesla flux density has been foreseen by using a massive neodymium magnet to get an incredible mid frequency dynamic range. The use of a neodymium magnet results in very lightweight transducers and in very compact size of the overall system.
Electronic technology
The powerful DSP circuit is directly connected in digital domain to the 20 50 W each Class-D technology power amplifiers, which are able to drive the 20 transducers with the optimal headroom. The amplification circuits include several protections and controls always to operate in safe mode.
Digital technology has been used also for the power supply which is regulated both in voltage and current and it is equipped with active protections against over-voltage and over-current. The power supply module is digitally interfaced with the DSP main board to communicate voltage, current and temperature status data. It operates in both 115/230 V AC modes and in 24 DC as a back-up power source.

During the development of the VSA 2050 high priority has been given to critical signal paths and self-monitoring components to provide easier installation, simpler maintenance and maximum safety for Voice alarm applications.

A remote switch-on facility is available to avoid to power ON and OFF the column through electric switches when the columns are not part of a voice-alarm system. By detecting the audio presence, the column is able to switch itself ON automatically, and then OFF after a period of time in which it is not used at all.
A structure in extruded aluminium has been made to offer a product with very limited architectural impact, light weight and simple installing operations. Standard colour is RAL 9002, other colours are available on request (depending on the size of the projects). The aluminium body allows a modular design approach and a uniform heat dissipation. The front grille is transparent to sound and has been designed to be elegant.

The installation is particularly simple thanks to the drilling template on the wooden package and to the weight of only 20 Kg. Additional brackets are available on request if the column has to be oriented horizontally.
The audio connections are protected by a plastic cap/shield and are located on the bottom-end of the column. Two balanced inputs are available for independent wiring for main and priority audio sources. The priority one is available on ceramic terminal blocks with thermal fuse for voice alarm applications.

A fail-safe activation command supports the commutation between inputs. An output logic control allows remotely manage the over-all status of the VSA 2050, for instance when any fault must be addressed to a central system.
AC and DC Power supply connections are positioned on top of the column, protected by a plastic cover. Connectors are VDE type for AC and ceramic terminal block for DC.
Status indicators
All basic status indications are provided through LEDs, visible on the bottom panel.
LEDs indicates the correct presence of AC and DC power supply and the overall monitoring, feedback from amplifiers to DSP and from transducers to power supply.

The ability to detect high and low frequencies on the input allows to monitor the connection between the RCF main Voice Alarm system and the column itself when required.
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