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Seria ART 4
The ART 4 Series is the new addition to the worldwide famous ART series portable speakers from RCF that combine the legendary audio quality and toughness of the ART 3 Series with the latest digital Digipro amplification technology developed for the ART 7 Series.

Newly designed digital amplifiers coupled with the unique RCF transducers technology make the ART 4 Series a cutting edge product, suitable for any portable sound reinforcement applications.
seria art4 cu dIfuzoare Ceramic
400W, 8", 1", 126 dB
Boxă activă pe două căi
In / Out connectors
Each amplifier presents both XLR In/Out connectors and a Jack input for the maximum connection versatility.
Status LEDs
3 status LEDs:
• Power, Signal, Status are provided for monitoring the system.
Volume knob
An easy to reach volume knob on the back allows to set the overall volume of the speaker according to its application.
EQ switch
A switchable EQ Mode make it easier to select among two different equalisation presets:
• Extended response switch, which slightly emphasizes the bass response for playback music and low volume applications;
• Linear response switch, for using the speaker to amplify a live mix
Mic / line switch
A useful Mic/Line switch to adjust the input sensitivity is provided. When used just for speech, the Mic setting allows to use a microphone directly with the speaker. Set the selector to Line when using the speaker for live music or playback.
Digital sound processing
An integrated DSP manages crossover, Eq., soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost.
It controls the ongoing interaction between the audio signal, switch-mode power supply, and PWM output stages, and processes key information concerning the status of the internal signal flow from the input to the speakers monitoring impedance and shuts down in case of short-circuit. The DSP controls the thermal and soft limiters to protect speakers.
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Catalog 2014
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Manual de utilizare
Manual de utilizare pentru RCF Seria ART 4 în limba engleză.
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